Thursday, December 31, 2015

Welcome to the year of Me!

So this is the year I've decided to take back myself. Generally, I'm pretty content with my life - I have a wonderful husband, two smart and handsome sons, great friends and family, and a fun and challenging career. I'm not unhappy, not at all, but there are things about myself I'd like to change, parts of me I'd like to better. The top two goals for this year are: improving my health and getting more "me time."

First off, my health. I'm overweight, some would even say obese, though that's according to my weight to height ratio and my BMI. I look like a plus size but I think I carry my weight pretty well and can probably get away with a few extra pounds on my large frame. I am currently carrying much more than a few extra pounds and have been for the past 5 + years, since I gave birth to my second son. I put on too much weight during pregnancy and then just didn't do a good job of eating right and exercising in the time since. I've tried many diets and exercise plans before and none of them have worked and I realize that those plans are probably fine, it's ME that needs the overhaul. My attitude, my will to change, everything. So that's what I'm hoping to do about my health this year. Yes, I definitely want to lose the weight, but I also want to get healthier but changing my eating habits (I'm so an emotional eater!) and the underlying causes for my lack of motivation and willpower. I want to start getting healthier by focusing on eating well and exercising first, but I may change it up as I also focus more on my second goal: getting more "me time."

"Me time" is such an odd phrase. Like I'm with myself all the time, what do I need with more? So let me explain what "me time" means to me. Basically is means I do more things for myself. I put myself first upon occasion. I do what I want to do even if it means saying no to something I should do for someone else. I look at it like this: I need to be more selfish about my time and the things that are important to me. For example, my husband. My husband (we'll call him Mr. B) is amazing. He's a great husband, a wonderful father, and a good friend. He works hard and he's always there when I or the rest of the family needs him, but one thing I notice about him is that he's selfish with his "me time," meaning he takes the time he needs for himself. Working out is important to him, it's a way to keep both his body and mind fit, and though he tries to work his runs and swims around family time, sometimes he just says "I'm going to workout now" and he does it, and we have to accommodate that. You'd think that would be annoying, kind of like "sure, you do whatever you want" but it's not, not really. It rarely ever interferes with serious plans and while it may be a little bit of an inconvenience, overall, it's very slight. But one thing I do notice about it is that he's happier, he's calmer, he's a better husband/father/friend because he takes this time for himself. And a little side benefit is that he looks damn fine too ;-)

So that's what I want to start doing for myself - making my "me time" as important as everyone else's. I tend to do that total mom/wife thing where I put myself last but it only ends up hurting me and those around me. The benefits of taking that "me time" I need are worth so much more than the little bit of time I would have spent putting someone else's needs first.

So that's my year ahead. Why blog about my journey? Partially as a way to be accountable to myself and (maybe?) others, but also as a way to keep a record so that I can really see how far I've come.

Next up . . . the weigh in and measurements!!


Ms. C